The first departmental textbook Physiology of Man by N. Boshev and B. Polnarev (1961) was followed by new editions with the participation of A. Nikolova-Boneva and I. Popov.

The monographic reference book “Normal Human Bioconstants” (N.Boshev and B.Polorev), intended for students, doctors and researchers, is undergoing revision, and under the title Bioconstantines of Man and their pathological abnormalities there are three editions. The latest version of Bioconstantines of Man (under the order of N. Boshev) includes lecturers from the department and specialists from a number of fields of medicine.

The experience of the entire teaching staff over the years has been reflected in the development of a number of practical exercises that have been updated and adapted to the changes in the content of the training program and the specialties on which the department has been training as well as the material provision of the practical activities.

With the participation of the entire staff of the Department, a Collection of Physiological Test Questions (under the order of Assoc. Prof. N. Boyadzhiev) was published in 2007, comprising 820 MCQ questions summarizing the department’s long experience in the programmed study and assisting the students in their preparation for the test form to assess their knowledge. This third edition of 2018 contains over 1100 questions, respectively in Bulgarian and in English.

Serious success in the teaching work is the system developed in the department for current and annual testing. The lecture course is continuously updated through the introduction of new multimedia and interactive forms of teaching every year.