The development of ergonomic science in Bulgaria has been carried out with the significant participation of specialists from the Department, manifested by the numerous publications in this field.

With the participation of all lecturers, either individually or in co-authorship, the books were published:

Problems of ergonomics and industrial aesthetics (under the order of N. Boshev, 1969 with the participation of I. Popov, A. NikolovaBoneva, H. Gaidadzhiev, V. Kostov and G. Kostov)

Fundamentals of ergonomics in order. by V. Konstantinov (1972 N. Boshev and I. Popov)

Medical problems of ergonomics (under the order of N. Boshev and I. Popov, 1974)

Active recreation (1977, I. Popov)

Fatigue and Fighting (1980, I. Popov)

The Human Factor in Ergonomic Systems (edited by N. Boshev and I. Popov, 1981)

The contemporary work functional and psychological problems (under the order of N. Boshev and I. Popov, 1983)

Ergonomics Principles and Recommendations (International Editorial Board, 1981)

Prof. N. Boshev is the first and long-standing chairman of the National Council of Ergonomics (together with Assoc. Prof. I. Popov) and editor-in-chief of the Ergonomics magazine.

Since 1978, a department of sports medicine has been established at the Department of Physiology. During the first five years he was functionally integrated with the Clinical Sports Medicine Dispensary. Head of the sector is Prof. Sv. Savov and Assistants: Dr. Iliev, Dr. Tomov, Dr. Karadzhov, Dr. Batinov, Assoc. Prof. Boyadjiev and PhD.

From 1985 to 1995, the sector is the only place in the country where post-graduate qualification of doctors in sports medicine is carried out. Seven courses have been organized and 139 individual doctors have been trained individually from across the country. In addition, the sector is also organizing specialized two-year courses with students in different fields: sports medicine, non-traditional sports medicine, kinesitherapy, water-saving and doctoral studies, with 89 students. Four teaching aids have been published: Sl. Savov Sports Medicine 1978 and A. Radev, Sl. Savov, P. Minkov, D. Shoylev, three editions (1980, 1982 and 1983).

The scientific work of the sector was focused on the needs of Bulgarian sport and the organization of sports medicine.

The scientific fields in the department are diverse and reflect the diversity of the disciplines in physiological science.

In the department studies of intestinal peptides with morphogenic effect (Dr. B. Trifonov) were conducted. Methods of isolation and purification have been developed. A peptide stimulating animal growth was obtained and the Enterogenin preparation was patented.

Since 1984, studies have also started on topics related to rational prophylactic and curative nutrition, which for the next more than 20 years largely determine the scientific aspect of the department. The results, besides the numerous publications, are two candidate dissertations (Christos Hristov, bl. Yordanov), three introduced in clinical practice in Bulgaria and abroad and evaluated as very effective specialized food products: Nutrical, Liver Nutrition diseases (Nutrical Hypaticum) and chronic renal failure patients (Nutridal). Preparations (created with the participation of Assoc. Prof. I. Popov, Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hristov and Assoc. Prof. N. Boyadjiev) are used in some of the largest hospitals in the country.