Until now, a PhD dissertation has been defended in the Department of Physiology Longitudinal Studies on the Dynamics and Reliability of the Medical Biological Criteria for Assessment of Adolescent Development by Assoc. Prof. Slavcho Savov (1989) and 12 PhD Dissertations educational and scientific degree “doctor”:

Some enzymes and metabolites in droned and tonomized muscle by Dr. Hristo Gaydadjiev (1972);

Some Methodological and Methodological Issues of Physiology of Labor by Dr. Ivan Popov (1976);

The role of bile secretion in pathogenesis and the course of acute radiation disease by Dr. Borislav Trifonov (1978);

Biological Efficacy of Lactoprotein in the Diet Therapy of Protein Energy Deficiency by Dr. Blagoy Gusarski (1985);

A Nutritional Balanced Food Nutrition Product for Renal Failure by Dr. Hristo Hristov (1986);

Investigations on the nature of vasomotor reflexes induced by electrostimulation of n. ischiadicus in various states of the central nervous system by Dr. Vasil Kostov (1987);

Increase of the aerobic capacity of the organism in submaximal physical exercise through dietetic action by Dr. Nikolay Boyadzhiev (1996);

Effects of inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme in experimental atherogenesis by Dr. Julia Nikolova (2003);

Changes in Submaximal Endurance with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids in Conditions of Systemic Rat Loading by Dr. Katerina Georgieva (2004)

Characterization and Non-Medicinal Treatment of Dietally Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats by Dr. P. Angelova (2015)

Functional, Hormonal and Clinical-Chemical Aspects of Dietetic Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Male and Female Rats in Conditions of Submaximal Training by Dr. P. Hrischev (2018)

Hemodynamic characteristics in students with high normal arterial blood pressure by Dr. M. Bachelova (2018)

19 monographs, more than 30 textbooks and practical guides and over 600 publications and scientific reports in our and foreign magazines and congresses were published with the participation of members of the Department.