The teaching process in the department is focused on clinical practice and is provided with modern training tools.
In the department students are trained in the following specialties:
“Medicine”, “Dental medicine” (parallel to Bulgarian and English) and “Pharmacy” for obtaining the Master’s degree
“Nursing” and “Midwife” for Bachelor’s degree
Rehabilitator, Clinical Assistant, Pharmacist, X-ray Technician, Dental Technician and Public Health Inspector.
Since 2006, as a freely chosen discipline, the course “Sport Physiology and Sports Medicine” has been held with students of the 4th Medical Course.
The department has illustrative film material and multimedia programs for the students’ training, used both in the lecture course and in the practical exercises.
The lecturers of the Department participated in the writing of a total of 6 academic teaching aids for physiology for students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, including in English. The Department received a program accreditation for the scientific and educational degree “Doctor” in the specialty “Animal and Human Physiology”. In 2013 he successfully completed a specialization in “Animal and Human Physiology” and two of the assistants continue their specialization.